From 'Comida Mexicana' by Rosa Cienfuegos
Jicaletas These popsicles are enjoyed by kids and adults alike! Cienfuegos also gives you a recipe for your own Miguelito Powder in this recipe, as she says it can be hard to find outside of Mexico, clearly she hasn't hard of Mexgrocer!

Ingredients Recipe
  1. To make the Miguelito Powder: combine all the ingredients in a small bowl, then tip onto a flat plate.
  2. Insert a wooden popsicle stick into the base of each jicama slice.
  3. Place the lime juice and chamoy in separate shallow bowls. Working with one jicama slice at a time, dip both sides in the lime juice, followed by the chamoy, then press into the Miguelito Powder.
    1. Repeat to make all the popsicles.