Masa Harina

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Derived from dried corn kernels treated with lime, Masa Harina is a traditional corn flour that boasts a rich history deeply rooted in Mexican cuisine. This versatile ingredient serves as the foundation for a myriad of beloved dishes, from classic corn tortillas to flavourful tamales and hearty pupusas, imbuing each bite with an authentic touch of tradition and flavour.

But Masa Harina's appeal transcends cultural boundaries, offering a versatile canvas for culinary creativity in kitchens worldwide. Whether you're experimenting with gluten-free baking or seeking to infuse your dishes with a hint of rustic charm, Masa Harina delivers unmatched versatility and flavour. Its fine texture and distinctive maize flavour make it an essential pantry staple for chefs and home cooks alike, elevating everything from bread and pancakes to savoury casseroles and desserts.

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