La Fonda

Welcome to the flavourful world of La Fonda, where tradition meets taste in every tortilla we make. At La Fonda, we're not just making tortillas; we're cultivating an experience that transports you to the heart of Mexico with every bite. Our selection is a vibrant mosaic of tastes and textures, from the velvety softness of our Classic Flour Tortillas, through the hearty, earthy depth of our Rustic Corn Flour Tortillas, to the distinctively shaped and uniquely flavourful Oval-Shaped Huarache Tortillas.

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Each tortilla in our collection is a homage to the rich cultural tapestry of Mexican cuisine, crafted with the utmost care, dedication, and a passion for culinary excellence. La Fonda tortillas are more than just food; they are a celebration of authentic flavours, meticulously prepared to bring the essence of Mexican authenticity right to your table. Experience the magic of traditional recipes passed down through generations, and let La Fonda transform your meals into a feast of cultural delight!

La Fonda's tortillas are perfect for a wide range of dishes. Our Classic Flour Tortillas are soft and sturdy, ideal for wrapping up burritos, making fajitas, or cooking up quick quesadillas. They’re designed to hold plenty of filling, so you can load up your creations without worrying about them falling apart.

For those who prefer something with a bit more texture and flavour, our Corn Flour Tortillas are a great choice. Use them for authentic tacos, enchiladas, or tostadas. Their hearty consistency and rich taste add depth to any meal.

Our unique Oval-Shaped Huarache Tortillas offer a creative twist for those looking to try something new. They're excellent for crafting huaraches – a traditional Mexican dish topped with beans, cheese, meat, and salsa. These tortillas can also be a base for innovative pizzas or loaded flat breads, adding an authentic touch to your meals.

La Fonda tortillas are not just about enjoying authentic Mexican flavours; they're about bringing creativity and variety to your cooking, allowing you to experiment with both traditional and new recipes.

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