Animas Espadin Cupreata 700ml

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  • Mezcal Animas espadin cupreata
  • Animas Espadin cupreata
  • mezcal Animas cupreata


Animas Espadin Cupreata Mezcal 700ml

There are different types of maguey and each one produces a different version of mezcal. What makes this mezcal so incredibly unique is its delicate flavour and only having a slight smokiness and brilliantly sweet flavours - banana, caramel and mango are some of the fabulous tastes you will experience when sipping this lovely product!

Body: Transparent, full bodied

Aroma: Delicately herbaceous on the nose with hints of citrus

Palate: A transformation of flavours on your tongue starting with powerful pear to sweet banana and slight hints of thyme

Finish: Lasting sweet finish of a herbal garden 

Details: * Mezcal Joven Artesanal, Silvester * 100% Agave Ensemble (70% Espadin & 30% Cupreata/Papalometl) * Oaxaca, Mxico * Alc/Vol: 48%  * Extraction: Tahona, roller mill * Oven type: earthern oven * Fermentation: Oak wood vats *Distillation: Copper pot, double distilled *Unrested 


Close tight and keep in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and humidity.

Age Restricted: 18 Know your limits UK Chief Medical Officers recommend Adults do not regularly exceed: Men 3-4 units daily Women 2-3 units daily 


Agave espadin cupreata Allergens: No allergens Suitable for: Vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs

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