Mezcal Union Uno 700ml

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Mezcal Union 700ml 40%

A journey was started to learn more about the greatness of Mezcal. Mountains were toured from peak to peak, reaching a hill where there was a

tree to rest a bit. An old maestro mezcalero shared his

Mezcal with, his stories, and his ideas. He said that the only way to preserve the millenary tradition of producing artisanal Mezcal and generate

progresswas through uniting indigenous Mezcal producer families.

So the journey continued with a clear understanding of the path: to create a union of mezcal with different producer families. From there Mezcal Unión was

born, carrying that message in every bottle.

Founded in 2011 by a group of four friends who also run a entertainment company (restaurants / bars + cultural platforms) in Mexico City. A lifestyle

company that looks at entertainment as a driver for cultural change and strong social responsibility.

The complex flavour profile of the mezcal recalls the smoke of whiskey, the varietals of wine, and the blendability of gin.

Distinctive sweet and smooth finish.

Fruit and herbal connotations, top notes of of citrus.

Hints of smoke and earth.

Enjoy neat, on the rocks or in cocktails.


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