Terana Oregano 21g

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Mexican Oregano 21g  - Mexican Oregano is slightly sweeter than European / Meditteranean Oregano. One of the ingredients in Chili Con Carne or Pozole Rojo. High quality herbs from Terana, a must have for your cooking. The scientific name for Mexican oregano is Lippia graveolens. This perrenial herb is also known as Mexican wild sage. When compared to other Oreganos in the same family Mexican Oregano is the strongest deepest flavour. The best place to store your Terana Mexican oregano is in a spice rack or in a dark dry place like a kitchen cupboard. Keep it dry and it will last for months. If you are looking for Mexican oregano recipes then you will usually find this delicious herb in dishes like chiles rellenos, chili con carne or tamales. Terana has been producing top quality herbs and spices since 1969 and their products are used by chefs and fine Mexican food establishments around the world. Imported directly from Mexico this is authentic Mexican oregano of the highest quality. This product has certificate Kosher and Halal 

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