Discovering Mexican Mother's Day

Mexican Mother's Day, also known as El Día de la Madre (or El Día de las Madres), is a lively celebration and a tribute to mothers across the country. This special day holds immense significance for Mexican culture, both socially and religiously. But why does Mexican Mother's Day usually fall on a different day of the week than in the U.S.? This article will provide you with all the details on this wonderful celebration of mothers.

When Is Mother’s Day Celebrated in Mexico?


Mexican Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on May 10, a date that never changes from year to year. El Salvador and Guatemala also commemorate El Día de Las Madres on the same day, as this tradition spreads across Latin America.

In the United States, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May, meaning that the date changes annually. However, occasionally, both countries celebrate Mother's Day on May 10th.

How Do People Celebrate Mother’s Day in Mexico?


Mexican Mother's Day celebrations include music, singing, food, and the giving of gifts to mothers. Children of all ages express their love for their mothers in various ways. Moms are called “las reinas de la casa," which translates to the queens of the house, and treated accordingly.

On May 10th, there are special church masses, during which symbols of Mother Mary and her son Jesus take prominence. Many members of the Mexican Catholic Church also remember Our Lady of Guadalupe, a powerful symbol of motherhood. Our Lady of Guadalupe represents the Virgin Mary, who is believed to have appeared as an apparition to an indigenous Mexican peasant in the 16th century.

What Gifts Are Given on Mexican Mother’s Day?


Gifts for El Día de La Madre are similar to those given in the United States, with children sending gifts of flowers, thoughtful presents, and cards to their mothers. May 10th is one of the busiest days in Mexican restaurants. Many people take their mothers out to restaurants and treat them to meals. Although Mexican Mother’s Day is not a public holiday, companies often allow employees to leave work early so they can spend time with their mothers.

What Are Some Mother’s Day Traditions in Mexico?


Mexican Mother's Day typically involves lavishing mothers with material gifts. However, it is often a personal tribute that gets mothers reaching for the pañuelos (tissues). Many sons and daughters come to the family home on May 9th to begin the festivities the next day. When Mexican Mother’s Day falls in the middle of the week, schools will arrange special activities so that children can sing songs to their moms.

Singing is an integral part of Mother’s Day in Mexico, with the Mexican passion for music known worldwide. Mothers often wake up to hear their children singing the serenade “Las Mañanitas,” sometimes accompanied by a hired mariachi band. This traditional song compares the lucky recipient to the beauty of the world at dawn and is also sung at Mexican birthday parties.

What Do People Eat on Mexican Mother’s Day?


Mexican Mother’s Day is all about Mom. However, like most Mexican celebrations, great food is an integral part of the day. People eat at home, and plenty of them head out too. Many kitchens and restaurants will produce abundant amounts of classic Mexican dishes on Mother’s Day, such as Mole. It's a spicy sauce that features dried chiles, seeds, and sometimes chocolate. Many cooks have a secret recipe that's passed down from generation to generation, making Mole a beloved dish in Mexican cuisine.

In conclusion, Mexican Mother's Day is a celebration that honours the love and care provided by mothers throughout the country. It's a day filled with