Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur 700ml

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Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur 30%

Kalani is made by fermenting coconut milk and macerating it in Mexican sugar Cane Rum.

It is made with coconuts from a traditional colonial plantation called OXTAPACAB in the Yucatan. Originally a Dutch sisal factory for rope making, OXTAPACAB established in 1891 is now the organic source of Yellow Dwarf coconut milk for Kalani.

The yellow Dwarf are grown from seeds until they are 2 months old and established. Once matured they are moved into the plantation. They are pollinated by the stingless Mayan Bees to produce coconuts which are rich in milk. The harvested coconuts are then shelled using a 'desconchadora', a spiked wheel, then cleaned with a knife.

The white flesh is crushed, flaked and shredded. The shredded coconut is wrapped into a cloth and pressed to remove all the milk which is then immediately refrigerated and sent to Casa D Aristi exclusively for Kalani. Casa D Aristi receives the 100% natural coconut milk and heats it before filtering and adding to the Mexican Sugar Cane Rum

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