Tortilla Making Kit

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Tortilla Making Kit : Tortilla Press, 1kg Naturelo & Tortilla Warmer

Everything you need to start making your own tortillas. Makes a great gift for your Mexican food loving friend or family member.


1 15cm Tortilla Press made in Mexico (available colours red, silver and black. Colour may vary depending on stock availability)

1kg of Authentic Masa Harina (corn flour) NATURELO

1 Tortilla Warmer (to keep tortillas warm once made, colour may vary)

How to use and care for it:

When you first get your tortilla press give it a wash in warm soapy water and dry it carefully, with the plates open. Your tortilla press has been on a long journey and is bound to be dusty.

You might receive your tortilla press with the handle disassembled. This is for packing reasons. Remove the large bolt from the plate (main body of press). Place the handle between the plate joint. Put the bolt through the holes on the bottom plate passing through the handle and out the other side. Once in postion, place the small pin into the bolt hole. 

To use the press, you need to cut 2 squares of plastic, either a plastic bag or cling film. These squares should be big enough to cover the plates.

1.) Place 1 square on the bottom plate, place a walnut size piece of dough on the plastic in the middle of the plate.

2.) Cover with the second piece of plastic.

3.) Lower the top plate gently on to your dough

4.) Gently press the handle down, slightly wiggling it back and forth as you go down. The metal is brittle, if your dough is the right consistency there is no reason to your force. 

5.) You can lift the top plate and rotate the tortilla 180 degrees and gently press again to make a more even tortilla.

6.) Hold the tortilla sandwiched between the 2 sheets of plastic and at an angle peel off the top plastic, and then put the tortilla face down on your other hand and at an angle peel off the other sheet of plastic.

7.) Gently and again at an angle lower the tortilla on to a suitably hot skillet.

8.) After use wash in warm water and dry thoroughly. If you are using sturdy plastic you can wash and dry these too and use another time.

If you follow these instructions your tortilla press will last you a lifetime.

Masa Harina (or Naturelo) is the only flour that will make corn tortillas; corn meal or flour does not work.

Here is a recipe for corn tortillas: Corn Tortillas (Make about 10-12 tortillas) 330 ml hot tap water (approx.) 250g masa harina (Naturelo) pinch of salt (optional). Put the masa harina into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt if you like, but this is not traditional. Make a well and start adding the water, mixing with your fingers until you have soft pliable dough that is not sticky. The amount of water may vary according to humidity etc, so add more if you feel it will take it. Cover the dough and let sit until cool, about 15 minutes. Then work the dough. If the dough looks dry or cracks when you press it add a little cool water until it is the texture of soft cookie dough. Make into 10-12 walnut sized balls. Use a tortilla press or roll out (3mm depth) into a circle between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. To cook the tortilla, heat a dry skillet over medium high heat and gently place the tortilla on it. When the edges start to dry out (about 15 seconds) turn the tortilla over and cook for around 45 seconds. There should be little brown speckles. Turn the tortilla once more and cook for a further 15 seconds, the tortilla should puff up. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, it will taste just as good but may be a little heavier. Place in a clean tea towel to keep warm until they all have been made. They will keep warm for a bout an hour like this. To reheat place the tea cloth with the tortillas over a steamer and steam for 15 minutes.

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