Sotol Onol 700 ml 45%

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Sotol Ono 45%

Sotol is a distillate made from the head of the Dasylirion plant, known by the samename and indigenous from the North of Mexico.

The word "Sotol" derives from the nahuatl language and means "the sweet of the head".

It is used by different native tribes like the Anasazi, Raramuri (commonly known as Tarahumara), Toboso and Apache the year 205 a.C.

Nontheless, the Raramuri call this plant Sereque.

For 800 years, the Raramuri have produced Sotol for their spiritual ceremonies, led by their revered Shaman (Onó).

The soulfulness of Sotol, makes the first sips a pleasure to the palate. 

Onó means Father in the Raramuri language. Our distillate is named in honour of the indigenous people of this land, their ancestral traditions and the amazing Sierra Tarahumara (Tarahumara mountains).

Origin: Aldama, Chihuahua

Variety: Dasiliryon Cedrosanum

Aged: 12 - 15 years

Oven: Roasted in shallow pit oven using willow and oak firewood.

Hand maceration:

First stage by axe, second stage by knife

Fermentation: 5 to 6 days in concrete tanks

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