Las Catrinas Guajillo Chilli 80g

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Guajillo Chillies 80g on sale at MexGrocer.
The most widely used dried chili in Mexican dishes, it has a delicious aromatic deep flavour. Our whole dried guajillo chillies have a medium heat and are smooth, shiny, and reddish-brown. They have a tough skin, so they need to be soaked longer than other chillies.
Guajillos are generally 2 to 4 inches long. You can use them to make Adobo sauce and are made by drying the Mirasol chili. Most people note a fruity flavour which makes them a popular addition to Mexican salsas. The official name for a Guajillo chili is Capsicum Annuum and it's native to South and North America. They are a distant relative to the green and red peppers that we know and love.
You can use the seeds from a chili guajillo to make tamale salsa. Remove and soak the seeds, grinding them in a Molcajete to make a paste and then cook them with other spices to make a red sauce. Pozole rojo is one of dishes that uses the dried guajillo chili pepper to make the sauce red and give a little heat. You can also use these chillies to make chilaquiles rojos as well. 
Scoville Scale - 5,000 units - Medium Hot heat.
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