Dona Chonita Mole Brown 350gr

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Doña Chonita Mole sauce 350g

This is the most sophisticated and elaborated sauce in Mexican cuisine. It is made with chillies, seeds, spices, and more notably, chocolate.

Although it is a sauce used in prehispanic feasts, it became popular during the Spanish colonnial period. One legend says that a nun created this version when asked to cook for the Viceroy of New Spain who immeditely fell in love with it. Another legend says that the cook in charge to prepare a feast for the Viceroy at the convent in Puebla was so nervous, he tripped and by accident added plenty of ingredients to the cooking turkey. The result was the mole poblano, one of Mexico's most iconic dishes.

Fortunately "Doña Chonita" has made it convenient and easy to use. You only need to cook any poultry and add this liquid mole to get professional-like results in few moments.

You can add it to shredded chicken and make enchiladas with corn tortillas, garnished with sour cream and cheese.

Recommended to serve with Mexican rice, look for some recipes in our INSPIRATION zone.


Water, sugar, cookie, soybean oil, sesame seed, mulato pepper, pasilla pepper, powdered chicken broth, cocoa, ancho pepper, peanut, onion, iodised salt, morita pepper, condiments, spices.


Contains gluten

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